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Sliding Windows

The sliding replacement and new construction windows from Window and Door Specialties brings the outdoors inside, giving you more “room to breathe” and making your space fill much bigger.


Sliding windows are like a light switch for you to turn the outdoors off and on when you choose.

Our Sliding replacement and new construction windows have less frame, giving you the biggest view. And whether you're opening them to call the kids in from the back yard or closing them during a sudden rainstorm, the windows move smoothly and effortlessly on their tracks—no more cranks.


Sliding replacement and new construction windows fit in any double window space or wider, and are the perfect solution for those extra-wide views or hard to reach places.

No matter what size replacement and new construction windows you choose, sliding windows give you a high-performance energy solution. Heating and cooling bills seem to be lower, and you're relaxing in a more comfortable room with a much better view.

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